Web Technologies 

We provide services; build websites, web applications, and software as well as providing domain services. To deliver these services we use a wide range of web technologies. These technologies can be categorized to one of four categories;

  •  Client side tools for managing user interface.
  •  Server resources to provide a secure home for the application.
  •  Application frameworks to deliver and manage the application.
  •  Database technologies where user and application data is stored.

There are thousands of web technologies available for developers. We thought it would be a good idea to discuss some we use often.



When a user opens a web browser or desktop application, their experience is guided technologies referred to asclient side or front end technologies.

On the client side, almost all applications are rooted in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. JavaScript was originally known as the language of web browsers, and today's browsers continue to use JavaScript as the only language they recognize natively.

JavaScript provides the foundation of many of our favorite technologies, including Bootstrap, React and Electron on the client side. Node.js brings JavaScript to the server as well and many of our applications are run on Express, a Node.js web server.

For projects we are starting from scratch, we prefer the client side technologies provided by React, React Native and Electron.

Html 5
React Native

Server Resources

A web application needs a home, called a host, with a reliable, secure and prompt connection to the internet. Response times should be measured in a handful of milliseconds and bandwidth needs to be sufficient to handle desired traffic levels. Today's web applications have two general paths for hosting; 1) an independent web server, or 2) platform as a service (PaaS). We have experience with both.

On the server side, we have experience configuring both Linux and Microsoft virtual private web servers at DigitalOceanand Amazon AWS. For direct deployment on a web server, Docker is an invaluable tool. All sites housed on our servers have SSL encryption provided by Let's Encryptmanaged by Certbot.

With today's platform as a service (PaaS) providers there is no longer a need to secure, configure and maintain and server on the internet. Deployment can be fully automated and services can be easily scaled to handle application traffic or data transfer. Depending on the application framework, we have deployed applications to PaaS services at DigitalOcean, Heroku, Vercel and Netlify.

Let's Encrypt

Application Frameworks

Application frameworks today utilize four contemporary programming languages; JavaScript / TypeScript, PHP, C#, Java and Python. We have experience with the many listed here which covers a broad range of programming languages and specifications.

Each framework has its own unique advantages and challenges. Some of the frameworks, such as Django, Spring and ASP.NET, have built in capabilities for user registration and authentication. Others, such as Nest.js and Flask, provide only a range of recommended authentication solutions.

The choice of framework for a new project is a vital decision. Our preference for new projects would be Express on small projects andNest.js on larger more complex sites.

Spring Boot


Almost all frameworks today are capable of working with a wide range of database technologies. Until recently, almost all databases were driven by SQL syntax and structure. The WordPress framework, for example, uses MySQL exclusively for site support. Microsoft SQL and Maria DB offer two more SQL options for our clients.

Today, many new applications prefer to begin with a NoSQL approach. NoSQL databases utilize key-value storage in documents with no defined relations between documents. All this makes the NoSQL an easy choice for many early in project development because it is quickly built and easy to modify.

Where projects are mature and the data are substantial, it makes sense to look into the advantages of NoSQL. However, for most of our websites and web applications, we deploy NoSQL databases on the MongoDB cloud server.

Maria DB


The highest professional standards.

Client Focused 

We are committed first and foremost to client involvement, to software services which focus on individuals and interactions over processes and tools, working software over comprehensive documentation, customer collaboration over contract negotiation, responding to change over following a plan. In short, we like to produce tangible results quickly and adopt client feedback often.

First, we are committed to working interactively with constant communication to achieve your goals. Second, as a result we expect every solution to be delivered on time and to be justified by revenue produced. And, third, we expect every solution we delivery to perform to the highest of industry standards. and adapt quickly in a a rapidly changing world.

Goal Driven 

goal achieving

Goal achievement is a prevailing standard for all of our work. Regardless of the type of application, our work is designed for one purpose; achieving your goals. Your goals provide the foundation of our designs, driving our prototypes and formalized functional requirements. Your goals and expectations for traffic to your website or web application provide the foundation on which to choose the right deployment platform. Your goals drive everything. We must meet them.

Cost Effective 

goal achieving

We are driven to provide measurable value for our clients. In order to do this, we will always seek to understand the financial motivators for your project. What costs will be saved by implementing this new web application? How much revenue could be gained with increased market potential of a new website? What are the budgetary limitations? As value added providers, it is vital that we understand your budget, as well as the targeted benefits of our work, and manage the cost of development appropriately.

High Performing

goal achieving

As part of any project, we will set functional performance standards for our projects based on client priorities. If, for example, we are building a website to expand client market potential, we will set functional requirements for social media integration and SEO visibility. Our requirements will be met when the website meets specified performance standards. Our websites and web applications consistently rate in the top 10% when evaluated by 3rd party ratings like GTMetrix and SEO Site Checkup.


Martin Dwyer

martinFounder and CEO Martin Dwyer is a proven leader and innovator in the business world. His background includes, among other things, over ten years in senior leadership of Fortune 100 companies. Martin has his Masters degree in Information Technology with emphasis in Software Engineering.

While consulting for GoDaddy in 2016, seeing a need for reliable development resources, his focus shifted entirely to software development, with an emphasis in web development.

Reach out to Martin on LinkedIn Read more about Martin, his background, and some of his latest projects at his Curriculum Vitae site.

mdbytes us


  • Leader. Proven leader of teams and individuals in Fortune 100 companies for over 20 years guiding units and divisions that ranged from 8 to 150 team members.
  • Trainer. Trained individuals and groups up to 150 on various technical topics ranging from software development, economics, finance, mathematics and statistics. As a corporate trainer, university instructor and now part-time as collegiate tutor.
  • Hardware Technician. Extensive training and experience with computer hardware and network technologies. Experience includes building new PC's, rebuilding old PC's, upgrading hardware components, designing and configuring networks and network technologies.
  • Software Developer. With a broad business background, Martin enjoys breaking down business problems into software opportunities with proficiency in Java, JSP, Servlets, Spring, Spring Boot, C#, ASP.NET MVC, Node.js, JavaScript and React to name a few. Being an avid Linux user for over twenty years, he enjoys managing his own Linux Ubuntu web server with NGINX and Docker container support.
  • Husband. Father. Friend. More than any of this, Martin is firmly committed to his personal roles in life. Husband to Rose. Father to Hollyann, Kyle, Casey and Noah. Friend to those with open minds and gentle hearts.