Martin Dwyer

martinFounder and CEO Martin Dwyer is a proven leader and innovator in the business world. His background includes, among other things, over ten years in senior leadership of Fortune 100 companies. Martin has his Masters degree in Information Technology with emphasis in Software Engineering.

While consulting for GoDaddy in 2016, seeing a need for reliable development resources, his focus shifted entirely to software development, with an emphasis in web development.

Reach out to Martin on LinkedIn Read more about Martin, his background, and some of his latest projects at his Curriculum Vitae site.

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  • Leader. Proven leader of teams and individuals in Fortune 100 companies for over 20 years guiding units and divisions that ranged from 8 to 150 team members.
  • Trainer. Trained individuals and groups up to 150 on various technical topics ranging from software development, economics, finance, mathematics and statistics. As a corporate trainer, university instructor and now part-time as collegiate tutor.
  • Hardware Technician. Extensive training and experience with computer hardware and network technologies. Experience includes building new PC's, rebuilding old PC's, upgrading hardware components, designing and configuring networks and network technologies.
  • Software Developer. With a broad business background, Martin enjoys breaking down business problems into software opportunities with proficiency in Java, JSP, Servlets, Spring, Spring Boot, C#, ASP.NET MVC, Node.js, JavaScript and React to name a few. Being an avid Linux user for over twenty years, he enjoys managing his own Linux Ubuntu web server with NGINX and Docker container support.
  • Husband. Father. Friend. More than any of this, Martin is firmly committed to his personal roles in life. Husband to Rose. Father to Hollyann, Kyle, Casey and Noah. Friend to those with open minds and gentle hearts.