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  • Design goal-oriented solutions with quality user experience.
  • Develop cost-effective, high-performance applications within budget and on time.
  • Deploy to a wide variety of network and cloud platforms as needed for the application.
UI Design


The right solution design will be vital for achieving your goals. Based on our understanding of your goals and targeted users, requirements and user personas are researched, documented, reviewed and revised until agreed upon.

The second design phase includes visual images of the proposed solution. This phase centers around the preparation of wireframes and prototypes, which are carefully reviewed and revised until agreed upon.

Timelines and deliverables are clearly documented as the design phase comes to a close.

UI Design


Development begins by considering other reliable frameworks to save time and money. For web projects, we often utilize React or Next.js. For enterprise applications, Microsoft ASP.NET or Java Spring frameworks are frequent recommendations.

Coding and testing are accomplished by an iterative process, repeating the following steps:

  1. One or two top goals are selected.
  2. Development focuses on implementing these goals alone.
  3. Automated system tests are performed and passed.
  4. Client review and approval of working application.
  5. Back to step #1 for the next one or two priority goals.

When the process has been completed for all goals, by order of priority, we are ready to deploy the application.

UI Design


Whether your application is to be hosted on your company intranet, the world wide web, or a mobile app marketplace, we carefully work with you to find the best hosting solution.

For our in-house apps and sites, we prefer a virtual private server at DigitalOcean based on performance and scalability. DigitalOcean offers plans and pricing for reliable services meeting a wide range of technical needs. However, to keep our recommendations unbiased we have no contractual or financial arrangement with any hosting provider.

We have experience deploying on both Linux and Microsoft servers, virtual private servers on the web, as well as a wide range of cloud services provided by Microsoft's Azure, Amazon's AWS, Vercel for React and Next.js, Netlify, and Heroku.