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While most of our services are somehow customized to one degree or another, feel free to scroll through our services catalog below to get an idea where to begin. Or, just simply contact ustoday to get the process started.


We offer websites for a broad array of organizational size and type. Whether you're just getting starting or looking to find the next competitive advantage, we can customize an approach that's right for your situation.

We've formalized three different types of websites for you to review below.

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Business Home Page
Great Beginnings

Our business home page product offers all that you need to get off to a great start on the web. Here are some features:

  • Designs to include user profiles, wireframe and prototype.
  • Up front documentation on deliverables and timelines.
  • Domain name consultation if necessary.
  • Business overview section with up to 1,000 words about your business.
  • Integration of up to 7 images of your choice.
  • Interactive location map so that people can visit your store.
  • Contact section with information and automated contact form.
  • Fully integrated with up to four social media outlets.
  • Responsive design to work with cell phones, tablets, and desktop screens
  • SEO optimized with detailed information about your company.
  • Six months web hosting and SSL certificate. 
Starts at:
Business Website
Three More Pages

When a single page cannot say enough, you may need a business website which expands your website content to five full pages. Features include:

  • All of the Home Page product features
  • A Services page including up to 1,000 words about your services, integrating up to 7 images of your choice.
  • A Products page featuring up to 1,000 words about specific products, integrating up to 7 images of your choice.
  • An About Us page featuring sections for history, operations, and staff, each of which can have up to 500 words and five images integrated.
  • A Contact Us page offering more detailed contact information
Starts at:
Enterprise Website
Your People and Processes

As your organization grows, your clients and prospects need to know more about your people and your processes. Our Enterprise Website offers the ability to expand to ten full pages with the following features:

  • Up to three additional Products pages for featured products, each page containing up to 1,000 words and integrating up to 7 images
  • Up to two additional About Us pages to feature your choice of history, operations, or staff, with each page containing up to 1,000 words and integrating up to seven images.
Starts at:

For six months complimentary hosting, MD Web Technologies provides a DigitalOcean Droplet (VPS) with 2GB RAM, a virtual CPU, 2TB monthly data transfer, and 50GB SSD. Additional charges will apply if the website traffic or data transfer necessitate enlarging the Droplet size or computing power. The client is required to open an account with DigitalOcean under their terms of service. MD Web Technologies creates and formats the Droplet in the client's account.

Web Applications

Web applications are designed to prompt interaction and build value. Typically, users are prompted for information which is then processed and put to use. Examples include online employee applications, automated survey creation and processing, and managing corporate expenses to name a few. Whatever you would like to automate, streamline and make more productive, a web application can be an invaluable resource.

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web apps
Your Business Goal

Web applications are designed to meet a specific business goal. As part of our normal development process, we will work with you to:

  • Understand the unique business need to be met.
  • Quantify The potential benefit to your organization of meeting that need.
  • Formalize cost-benefit approach to investment in a software application.
  • Determine the deployment platform that best suits your organization.
  • Deliver a formal proposal based on our assessments.
Starts at:
Making It Work

With goals, requirements, user personas and prototypes in hand, development of your application proceeds.

  • Responsive web frameworks are used to enable access from a broad range of devices.
  • Efficient frameworks are selected to return a reliable finished product as quickly as possible.
  • Comprehensive testing is completed to ensure requirements are met.
  • Focus group testing is completed to ensure app meets user expectations.
Starts at:
35 hour minimum engagement.
Making It Reality

Because many of our clients have IT staff to deploy on local networks, we leave deployment as a separate matter for our web applications. We can facilitate deployment to a variety of destinations:

  • To virtual private servers at DigitalOcean, Microsoft Azure, or Amazon AWS. 
  • To application platforms at DigitalOcean, Vercel or Heroku. 
  • To local area networks; Linux with NGINX or Microsoft with IIS.
Starts at:
Up to 12 hours.

Deployment to DigitalOcean, Microsoft Azure, or Amazon AWS all require client subscriptions and ongoing monthly fees in addition to the costs disclosed here. Such monthly fees are the sole responsibility of our clients.

Software Development

We are also able to source a wide range of software development needs. Whether you are looking for an update or upgrade for an existing website, a new application for your organization, or startup support for a new business venture, we look forward to discussing how we can assist.

Web Development
Impact Existing Sites

While we enjoy our new website projects, many people have an existing website they want to improve, not replace. We have the expertise to help:

  • Modify current site code to reflect new content.
  • Enhance user interface to improve user experience and results.
  • Improve server performance to improve site responsiveness.
  • Adjust site meta data for search engine optimization.
  • Integrate with existing social media resources.
  • Facilitate listing site on popular business directories.
Starts at:
3 hour minimum engagement 
Enterprise Development
Impact Organizational Performance

We extensive enterprise business experience, we are able to consult on your needs, develop and deploy solutions to a variety of technology frameworks.

  • Desktop applications to improve productivity.
  • Integrated web applications for user access.
  • Configure existing or new computer hardware.
  • Configure existing or new network technology.
  • Deploy on Linux or Microsoft server.
  • Provide end user training.
Starts at:
3 hour minimum engagement 
Startup Support
Get Running Fast

New ideas are launched every day as start up organizations. For the right idea, our flexibility allows us to be able to go all in with support for a start up application.

  • Able to produce quick prototypes with Python or JavaScript resources.
  • Familiar with business planning for start up organizations.
  • Experience scaling applications to production.
  • Flexible deployment infrastructure.
  • Detailed business plan review required.
Starts at:
Equity compensation acceptable 

Software development services are all subject to formal written agreements regarding project scope, requirements and payment terms.

Domain Services

Navigating the world of domain acquisition, DNS configuration, and email setup for a new domain can be a challenging task. We help our clients get the right domain, set up properly, with email and hosting that works for their unique situation.

Domain Procurement 
Securing Your Own Domain

If you don't have a domain registered already, we are here to help you get it done right. Procurement services include:

  • Up to two hours of consultation prior to domain purchase.
  • Recommended names based on factors such as length, suitability and ease of recall.
  • Facilitating our clients in opening accounts with a reliable name registrar.
  • Assisting in search of available domain names.
  • Validation of purchase and initial DNS settings.
Starts at:
DNS Configuration
Directing Traffic

A domain is of little use if it is not directing internet traffic appropriately. If necessary, we can modify your DNS records so that:

  • The world wide web knows about the IP address of your hosting provider (where your site is hosted)
  • Visitors can enter and still end up at
  • Propagation of DNS settings are validated with global nameservers
Starts at:
Email Configuration
Email with Your Domain

We encourage our clients to use reliable email service providers such as Microsoft Outlook  or Google Gmail  with their new domain names. We can assist them in the following ways:

  • Assist in the registration process.
  • Modify DNS records on your domain as necessary.
  • Remove old or default MX records that might conflict with new providers
  • Set up as many as three new email addresses.
  • Provide training for administration of email services
Starts at:

MD Web Technologies does not act as a domain name registrar in securing domains, and maintains no contractual arrangement with any particular domain name registrar. Our role is to recommend services from domain name registrars and to facilitate the use of such registrars as requested.

Business email services require client to secure and maintain a monthly subscription to either Google Business Email or Microsoft Outlook for Business, the cost of which may vary depending on the number of email addresses required.